Sometimes after pregnancy or weight loss, the skin and underlying tissue can lag behind the new silhouette because the skin has lost some of its elasticity. Sun damage, genetic factors, and just the passage of time can make it difficult for the skin to bounce back. In other cases, weight loss has been so profoundly successful that there is simply too much skin for the “After” silhouette.

Often, the problem areas are the ones we sought to improve through weight loss in the first place: tummy, legs, inner thighs, and buttocks. A surgical body lift helps the skin take the shape of the new contours beneath it by removing sagging skin and excess fat. Although a body lift is not a replacement for liposuction or weight loss for reducing body fat, it can be just the finishing touch you need to see your goal take shape.

Immediate Results and Long-Term Improvement

Visible results of a body lift appear immediately, and yet improvements may continue for months as the skin conforms further to its new foundation. Because sagging tissue has been removed, you can expect the results to be virtually permanent if you maintain your weight and activity. Your surgeon’s instructions are an important part of completing the results.

And speaking of results, an informal poll recently suggested that 97% of participants said their body lift surgery was worth it.

Personal Options Based On Your Goals

The basics of body lift surgery are similar, whether the scope is a tummy tuck, a “mommy makeover,” or more comprehensive help after bariatric surgery or other significant weight loss.

Careful incisions, in some cases resembling the outline of a bikini, enable your surgeon to reconnect the skin according to your new contours. Often a “belt” of tummy skin, or a segment of the skin that may be sagging in the upper thigh area, is removed altogether and closed up along new lines. Underlying surface fat goes with it, never to return.

Before Announcing Your Candidacy

Generally, people who are in good health can be candidates for body lift surgery – and that includes most folks who’ve born a child, undertaken a program of weight loss, or committed in other ways to a lifestyle that includes proper nutrition and exercise. If you have the kind of positive outlook that leads to goals like these, then consulting with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon may make sense for you.

That first conversation with the surgeon can tell you a lot more than whether you are indeed a candidate for a body lift. The feeling of trust you develop is a vital element in successful surgery. Ask the surgeon about his or her background, experience, and point of view on the surgery. The sense of reliance you’re looking for will come not just from what the surgeon answers, but also on how they say it.

If you are interested in completing the journey your diet and exercise began, in welcoming the return of your pre-mom body, or in planning the finish line for a life-changing weight loss, let’s have that talk. Just call us at 912-920-2090 or schedule a complimentary body lift consultation.