Just a couple of years ago, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons said it was “the year of the rear,” because the number of buttock lifts performed had soared. The procedure had become so popular that it seemed to need a nickname, so “butt lift” is the term we hear now, even in polite company.

The name “Brazilian” comes from the fact that the plastic surgeon who pioneered a certain kind of butt lift was from Brazil. In fact, his notoriety grew so great because of the procedure that he was selected to help carry the Olympic flame to the stadium for the 2016 summer Olympic Games in Rio. (You just can’t make this stuff up.)

The reason the name stuck is likely not because of the surgeon who originated the procedure, but rather because Brazil brings to mind for many people the distinctive style of swimsuit seen for generations on Brazilian beaches. “The Girl From Ipanema” of the famous samba-jazz composition was probably wearing just such a bikini.

The goal that made the Brazilian Butt Lift such a popular term is the physique that inspired that timeless song. The name just fits.

A Very Specific Approach

There are, in fact, several different techniques for augmenting, reducing, or sculpting the buttocks, and that’s good news because a person’s situation and goals are just as individual and characteristic as the person.

What really makes a butt lift Brazilian is the specific approach. A Brazilian Butt Lift uses “lipoinjection” (fat transfer), in which fat cells from the tummy, thighs, or hips are used to augment the buttocks and achieve the profile desired. The fat is purified and processed selectively before being reintroduced into the body; only about one-fourth of the fat removed qualifies to be used in the augmentation. But people are glad to see all four-fourths go.

Some Other Advantages

So, the side benefit of reducing fat from another area or areas of the body is part of what makes the Brazilian Butt Lift attractive.

Another advantage of this approach is that compatibility is assured, since the body’s own tissues are being used to achieve the augmentation. And an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon can use lipoinjection to direct the augmentation very precisely, to a personalized shape, instead of choosing the pre-formed shape of an implant.

How Does It Work?

Generally, people in good health take to it well. A pre-operative physical exam confirms a person’s readiness for the procedure.

Because of the personalized flexibility of this procedure most people who select it are very pleased with the results. The results transform derrieres that might be small, flat, asymmetrical, or sagging. Successful weight loss often prompts a person’s interest in the Brazilian Butt Lift because of excess skin and stubborn fat that might remain.

Right after the surgery, sitting directly on the buttocks is out for about three weeks. A compression garment is worn for the first couple of weeks to improve comfort and help speed recovery. Most people take time off from work during this time to avoid sitting, and to provide the best environment for the Brazilian Butt Lift to take shape.

As with any medical procedure, a Brazilian Butt Lift begins with a comfortable – and comforting – talk with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. Let’s have that talk. Just call us at 912.920.2090 or schedule a complimentary consultation online.