For decades, the most popular form of cosmetic surgery has been breast augmentation. Nearly 300,000 women are likely to get breast implants this year, a 37% increase since 2000 and still rising steadily.

Behind this widespread acceptance is widespread satisfaction. The benefits women are experiencing when they choose breast augmentation are as real as can be. What gets enhanced in so many cases are self-image and self-confidence. The fullness, profile, and projection of the breasts, and the better balance between the breasts and the hip contour, are just the means to that end – an improved sense of well-being.

Improvement All Around

Just as real an improvement has been seen in implant materials and procedures. One result of this improvement is that the instances of women who reconsider their augmentation and have implants removed has fallen just about as sharply as the number of procedures has risen.

And the options a woman has now are wider than ever before for selecting her type of implant – or even opting for the fat-transfer approach. And the massive experience surgeons have acquired during recent years has helped smooth the way to patient satisfaction.

Natural Choice, Natural Look

With so many women feeling free to choose breast augmentation. it might be seen increasingly as a natural choice. Not considered vain or self-centered, much less for the rich and famous only, breast augmentation is viewed more and more as a reasonable choice that improves the way women feel relating to the world around them.

The aesthetics of the result are more natural looking today, too. Implant materials and techniques now aim to satisfy women who seek to experience quiet appreciation.

Results You Can Count

An important research study showed improvements of 21 to 25 points on a widely used measurement of self-esteem among women who had breast augmentation. The same study found an increase in sexual desire of more than 78%.

So, the improvements that can come from breast augmentation are very personal for a woman, but nevertheless quite real.

A Heritage of Humanity

Many of the breakthroughs in technique for breast augmentation came from helping women who had faced breast cancer and wanted reconstructive surgery. Surely, there’s no more compassionate instance than that, and perhaps it’s fitting that the dialog between reconstructive and cosmetic help continues. They both have in common the sense a woman seeks for wholeness and confidence.

Knowing that good breast reconstruction options exist may help women make tough decisions when they have to do so, and, in that sense, too, we can be grateful such options have been developed and improved.

At the Corner of Art and Science

When women consider breast augmentation, it’s important to find an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who has command of equal parts surgical skill and artistic sensibility. And the best choice is one who inspires confidence, so that feeling of well-being can begin even before the procedure.

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