As rapid as the advance of breast augmentation among American women, the acceptance of breast lifts has outpaced the growth of augmentation 2-to-1. Why are so many women choosing this path to the profile they remember so fondly?

There are a great many facts behind the growth of this option for rejuvenation. Let’s examine just a few.

The Reasons Happen To Practically Every Woman

For most women, all it takes to call for a breast lift is just living. Gaining and losing weight is among the most common causes. While it may be a great idea for overall health to lighten up, the resulting shrinkage of fat cells in weight loss can cause the breasts to loosen and flatten.

Pregnancy brings many of these same factors to bear, and breastfeeding – a good idea for many because if its benefits to the newborn – can further accentuate the effects of a woman’s weight fluctuation during pregnancy and childbirth.

Even women who do not become mothers, or who have not taken that step yet, can experience similar impact on the breast just from the effects of gravity as we grow older. And as in most aspects of appearance, heredity plays a powerful role in how well our breasts stand up to life as well.

Breast Lifts Enhance What You Have Already

For women who would like a firmer shape, but not a different size, breast lifts have the advantage of adding nothing to the breasts you have. In a surgical breast lift, tissue is carefully lifted and reshaped. Excess skin is removed from the surface of the renewed contour. Often the nipple is repositioned to put it back where it was years ago. In many cases, the areola may have enlarged as the breast aged, and it can be reduced in size to resemble the proportion it presented in youth.

The exact breast lift technique that may be right for you will depend on the elasticity of your skin and the amount of extra skin that may have developed. The size, shape and degree of sagging that may have occurred over time are factors your doctor will consider, too.

These personal variables are among the reasons it’s important to talk with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. Let’s have that talk.  Just call us at 912.920.2090 or request a complimentary breast lift consultation.