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Have you been thinking about tightening, toning, and lifting your brows non-invasively with no downtime? With Ultherapy, now you can. At RenewalMD, we can help you get rid of those tired brows while also giving you an uplifting experience at the same time.

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Appointments are limited, and a $99 deposit is required to reserve your spot. This deposit is refundable provided you cancel no later than Monday, June 3.

5 Reasons to Lift your Brow with Ultherapy

  1. It’s non-invasive. Ultherapy is a great alternative for those who don’t want the long downtime associated with surgery. It also provides subtle changes that can make a big difference. Ultrasound technology is used to trick the body’s own natural healing process to lift and tighten your brows. The surface of the skin is bypassed by the ultrasound waves, and the structural support below the skin’s surface is stimulated to produce the collagen and elastin needed to lift the brows. Full results take about six months, but you will have an immediate uplift after your treatment.
  2. You can go back to work. Treatment takes about 30 minutes and there is no recovery period. As soon as you are finished, you can continue your usual day. You may experience some mild swelling and a few welts, but that is neither unusual nor noticeable.
  3. Your brows frame your eyes. When they are uplifted, you look and feel that way, too. Ultherapy for the brows will soften the signs of aging and give you a refreshed look. Plus, it is the only FDA-approved procedure that can lift, tighten, and tone loose skin on the brow. It can also do the same for the face, neck, and chest area.
  4. It’s Christie Brinkley approved. Supermodel Christie Brinkley looks amazing at 65, and she uses Ultherapy to help her maintain her healthy lifestyle. Ultherapy is also highly customizable to your needs.
  5. Special one-day only savings. You’ll save more than $300 with this deal. The savings don’t end there, however. You’ll also receive 10% off any skin care regimen suggested by your aesthetician; and you’ll also receive 25% off any other Ultherapy treatments, if you book your future appointments that same day.

To reserve your appointment, call 912.681.7793.