When asked which sense they most value and would least like to lose most, people say it’s their vision. Our eyes are not just our favorite way to take in the world, but they also are perhaps the most expressive features of our face. Ask any film actor. It’s where you see what a person is thinking before they say it, and sometimes even if they don’t say it at all.

Because our eyes reveal and express ourselves, as well as sense the life around us, it’s no surprise that keeping them youthful, vibrant, and responsive is the goal of many people when they consider the advantages of plastic surgery.

The Issues and the Opportunities are Abundant

Because the skin of the eyelids and around the eyes is so delicate, it may be the first feature to show signs of age. Drooping, sagging or tired-looking eyes can arrive sooner than any other signpost because of the thinness and tenderness of the tissue.

That very delicacy though, as well as an unusually rich blood supply, also makes the eyelids one of the most responsive features to surgery. The ability to take shape and heal is strong here.

Upper, Lower, or Both

Eyelid surgery has one of the most fun formal names to say: Blepharoplasty. And it refers to a process that can include the upper eyelids, the lower eyelids, or both, depending on your unique goals and concerns.

Maybe most of us think first about the upper eyelids because drooping or sagging skin there is more evident. Upper eyelid folds are also the source of narrowed and impaired vision when they begin to close off a person’s field of view. Many patients, especially men, first seek help because of this.

Puffiness and fatty deposits of the upper eyelid can also be treated with blepharoplasty, and results can be very good indeed, again because of the capacity of that delicate skin to take shape and heal.

“Bags under the eyes” can be resolved with this procedure, as well as fine wrinkles and the kind of drooping that reveals too much white below the colored part of the eye.

No Process Is More Individual or Personal

Because the eyes are so expressive, the goals, concerns, and approaches to eyelid surgery are, perhaps, the most varied and personalized of any plastic surgery procedure. Surely, no two faces are alike, and yet this uniqueness, this individuality may be more pronounced in the eyes than anywhere else.

As a result, an eyelid lift or any form of eyelid surgery is the domain of an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who has a talent, a passion, and a record of accomplishment that shows equal parts art, science and skill.

To be sure you are in just such hands as that, your conversation with the surgeon is one in which you should find yourself completely comfortable and confident. We’d be honored to take part in such a conversation with you.

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