As the number of treatments and procedures for refreshing and rejuvenating the face have expanded, women and men alike are accepting the fact that looking older is optional.

Injectables, fillers, and treatments that make excellent use of light and sound waves to refresh the surface of the skin offer articulate choices for most everyone. Many of these processes can also counter the effects of gravity to some extent by restoring volume.

Yet, to one degree or another, non-surgical treatments produce moderate and temporary improvements, compared with the facelift performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. As a result, facelifts rejoined the top-five cosmetic surgical procedures performed in 2016.

You Can’t Beat the Feeling

The magnetism of a person who has left doubt and self-consciousness behind is memorable. That feeling of confidence is in its way more beautiful than any physical feature, and this is feeling is what many people achieve as a result of their facelift. Among the most frequent comments is that people wish they had done it sooner.

The Experience, Expertise, and Technique Have Grown

Because of its long-time popularity, the facelift today benefits from the experience of hundreds of thousands of cases. Techniques have been refined exponentially from where they were when this widespread popularity began.

And as the techniques were refined the results became ever more natural looking. There has never before been such possibility for looking like the best version of you than now. With these higher goals now achievable the value of a facelift is more personal and considerate today, more an expression of the best side of ourselves.

As a result we can expect to look younger, more rested, more relaxed, more fit – but not changed.

Never, Ever, “Off-The-Rack”

In the hands of an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon, the facelift is always a custom procedure. It begins with the most careful, considerate kind of conversation with the person considering a facelift. How we live our lives, our dreams, and goals, is as important in this talk as our facial features.

For many people, more than one technique is called for to accomplish a natural-looking facelift, because the goal is to harmonize the contour and all the features of the face. “Fixing” one thing is rarely the answer.

The skill is beyond medical and the genius that has accumulated behind facelift techniques is wonderful to contemplate. The incision that lifts and smooths one’s cheeks might be hidden in the hairline of the temples. To take years off of one’s laugh lines, the procedure might be under the earlobe.

Beyond Surgery

The mark of a great plastic surgeon is the heart of a surgeon. The same compassion that enriches any form of medicine inspires confidence in someone considering a facelift.

The beginning comes with scheduling an easy conversation with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. We’d be honored to have that talk. Just call us at 912.920.2090 or click here to request an appointment to talk about what a facelift could mean for you.