Sometimes it’s the outline of the face that holds the key to reaching a person’s goals. The features within the face are often the subject of cosmetic procedures or plastic surgery, but, in certain cases, there is a limit to what can be achieved there.

The chin, the cheeks, and the jaw line define the field in which all the other features play their part. Adjusting these boundaries can harmonize every other feature, or make it possible for their improvements to shine.

Boosting Your Own Tissues with Art and Science

The judgment and perspective of an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon is called for to help you decide whether a facial implant may be part of your path to the appearance you desire. The skill that comes with that perspective is essential, too.

Science has provided a variety of materials that are compatible with your bone structure, muscle and skin. The implants made from these substances marry well with your own tissues to create a new contour with the same texture you know as your own.

How Facial Implants Become Part of You

After selecting the areas to enhance, your surgeon determines the place, shape, and location for introducing the implant. Often the incisions that permit the implant are hidden.

Anesthesia may be general or local, depending on the extent of the procedure. Selecting, sculpting, and placing the implant is one of the processes that calls for that combination of art and medicine that comes from the finest plastic surgeons. Improvement is usually visible immediately, although your new contour and profile continues to refine itself as swelling subsides in the weeks following your surgery.

When Injectables Are Not Enough

When you and your plastic surgeon decide that injectables are not likely to provide enough change for the contour you are seeking, or that they are not long-lasting enough to be realistic for this particular enhancement, then facial implants may well become part of your discussion.

In the right hands you can feel secure in choosing this course of action, because the experience behind it is substantial, and the results many people find from facial implants speaks for itself.

The decision, though, does not speak for itself, and so you’ll want to get the best advice you can find, from an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. Just call us at 912.920.2090 or click here to schedule an appointment.