It can be reassuring to consider that the millions of applications and procedures that arose from the popularity of injectables add up to an impressive amount of experience. Their acceptance is so widespread, as non-surgical means of improving appearance and restoring a youthful outlook, that it is reasonable to regard them as proven methods.

Yet, the injectable products that paved the way to this acceptance are not the only ones to consider today. The variety of solutions available calls for expert advice and an up-to-date briefing.

Innovating in an Accepted Field

Radiesse is an injectable that stimulates collagen growth, and because it interacts with the skin’s own processes, the results can last as long as a year in many cases. Radiesse is effective too in some areas not addressed by other injectables, such as flat or hollow cheeks.

The tried-and-true Botox and Juvéderm represent two different approaches to smoothing facial wrinkles. Both injectables produce virtually immediate results and last for several months.

Botox relaxes muscles under the skin to smooth surface wrinkles. It is often used to erase frown likes and forehead wrinkles. The results are temporary – lasting four to six months in most cases. But there is little or no downtime, and most patients see the results they seek almost immediately.

Juvéderm smooths facial folds and wrinkles by bringing back volume with a natural dermal filler made from a smooth, water-soluble substance that already is present to some extent within the skin. Lip enhancement is another role that Juvéderm can take because of its ability to put back volume that may have been lost as we age.

The variety of solutions available with today’s injectables is worthy of their great popularity. Finding the board-certified plastic surgeon with the experience and perspective to counsel you as you select the one that’s right for you is the key to getting the benefit of these opportunities.

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