Heredity and life experience can make some parts of the body harder to improve than others through diet and exercise. For many of us, there are still areas for improvement even after we’ve done our best.

Liposuction is often the technique of choice for closing this gap to our goals; in fact, liposuction is consistently at or near the top of the most-performed cosmetic surgery techniques in the U.S. Its effectiveness in areas like the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and upper arms has been demonstrated through decades.

Improvement, Experience and Benefits

The active practice of liposuction over decades – particularly the steep and focused advances made since the early 1980s –have brought more accurate and complete evacuation of fat cells, less discomfort, and more rapid recovery.

The effectiveness of a variety of anesthetic approaches has been established to suit patients’ particular requirements, too. As a result, more people qualify for the procedure today, and they can anticipate an even higher degree of satisfaction.

How It Works

Small, thin instruments called cannula are inserted under the skin and moved by your plastic surgeon through specific fat deposits. The instrument conveys negative pressure, like a vacuum, and suctions out fat cells in the selected improvement areas.

The procedure is usually performed on an outpatient basis, with no overnight hospital stay called for in most cases. Compression garments or elastic bandages are used to keep swelling to a minimum. People are able to stand and walk as soon as the effects of anesthetic are gone, and most patients can return to work in a few days, if they so desire. The length of time to expect for full recovery and the benefits of the procedure depend on the individual case, including how wide an area is treated and how much fat is removed.

Often One Technique in an Ensemble

Many patients choose liposuction as just one part of their approach to achieving their goals, particularly in combination with tummy tuck, butt lift, or breast reduction procedures. As a proven procedure, it “plays well with others.”

The Surgeon You Choose Makes the Difference

An interesting and relevant finding from among the many years of careful refinements that liposuction as undergone as the result of experience is this. No improvement, option, or refinement makes a greater difference in results and satisfaction than the skill of the plastic surgeon you choose.

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