They say that 80% of our person-to-person communication is non-verbal. If that’s so it’s worth wondering how much of it depends on the eyes. Seeing the person who’s talking with you is a big part of connecting, of course. But what about the role your own eyes play as you communicate?

Returning to the eager, alert look of our youth could be a wise choice for career, community and even love life when we consider how much of our selves our eyes reveal.

Said to Be Windows to the Soul

Our eyes have a way of sharing our thoughts and feelings, yet it might be the interest they express in those around us that is among their most attractive qualities. When people are asked what attracted them to another person in their first meeting, their answer quite often is, “their eyes.”

So, when our brows and eyelids lower, just because time and gravity have had their effect, this look can make us seem tired, apathetic, disengaged from others or the outside world.

Eyelid lift surgery is an answer to this case of mistaken identity for many people. It has practical advantages, too, because it can improve our field of vision, and many men opt for eyelid lifts because of this.

Quick to Age, Yet Quick to Brighten, Too

The skin of the eyelids and around the eye is thin and tender, and the delicacy of tissue makes them vulnerable to sagging or drooping as we grow older. Yet that also means that eyelids are exceptionally responsive to surgery, because that same delicacy comes with an especially rich blood supply. Healing is rapid here and the ability to accept shape is strong. Incisions can often be completely hidden in the natural folds of the eyelid.

The lower lids can benefit from the same treatment as upper lids in many cases.  Puffiness, “bags under the eyes,” and the kind of drooping that reveals too much white below the pupil can be reduced or eliminated.

No Two Pairs of Eyes are Exactly Alike

The options and approaches to eyelid surgery are among the most personalized and varied of any plastic surgery procedure. Each person’s goals and concerns are always personal and individual.

So an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon with a record of accomplishment is called for more than ever. You should find yourself completely comfortable and confident when you have your conversation with that plastic surgeon.

To be sure you are in just such hands, please give us a call or use our online form to schedule a complimentary and confidential consultation. It would be a privilege to have that talk with you.