The Benefits are Genuine Indeed

The acceptance of breast augmentation as a reasonable choice for women who want to enhance their appearance is widespread, and it continues to grow. It is the No. 1 cosmetic surgical procedure by a substantial margin. Now nearing 300,000 procedures annually in the U.S., breast augmentation might still be seen by some as too optional or luxurious to consider.

Medical advances, vast experience, technology improvements and better options for the implants themselves have laid to rest most of the doubt that might once have accompanied this choice. What hesitance remains may have something to do with not taking the option seriously.

Real Needs – Real Results

Recent research shows clearly that women who consider breast augmentation have some degree of concern about their body’s appearance, ranging from slight dissatisfaction to honest distress. This perspective has an impact on self-image, and thus on a person’s whole basis for interacting with the world. Nothing frivolous about wanting to resolve that.

Studies of women after breast augmentation surgery see improved health and appearance, self-confidence, self-esteem, and more satisfaction with their social and sexual relationships. In fact, a 2007 quantitative analysis showed increases ranging from 21 to 25 points on a widely used scale of self-esteem, and an increase in sexual desire of more than 78%.

Subtle Is The New Va-Voom

Just as in facelifts and other cosmetic surgery, the desire of most women is for their breast enhancement to look like them, only more so. To be complimented on the breast enhancement itself is – you should pardon the expression – the booby prize.

Fortunately refinements in implant materials themselves, and in the sheer number of options available, make it possible now for women to select just the size, volume, and profile they most desire.

Giving Confidence When It Really Counts

The added confidence that can come from breast augmentation surgery takes on, perhaps, an even deeper dimension when women deal with a breast cancer diagnosis. Thanks to the advancements and acceptance that have come from millions of successful breast augmentation surgeries, women face cancer treatment with greater confidence today, knowing that reconstructive surgery can be so effective and natural looking.

It is possible that this confidence plays a part in saving lives. Less apprehension about the aftermath of breast cancer surgery can lead to bolder decisions, made sooner, about treatment. Any additional comfort and strength that a patient might feel from knowing that restorative breast surgery is such an accomplished field is an assurance we are very happy to help provide.

Art and Expertise On Your Side

If you’re considering breast augmentation, consider also that your choice of plastic surgeon calls for blending medical authority and technical expertise, with taste and artistry. Just as important, you can and should feel assured at every step of the path.

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