For the Contour that Shows in Your Smile

Many women report that the satisfaction of restoring their youthful breast profile with a breast lift is such that they feel more confident, self-assured. This kind of outlook shows not only in the expression on your face, but also in what you feel like doing. There’s no substitute for being “comfortable in your own skin.”

In fact, the satisfaction women experience showed up in a study that found 99% of women would have the procedure again. Not that they need it, but that they felt it had been completely worthwhile. And 91% of patients reported improved self-esteem.

As rapid as the advance of breast augmentation among American women, the acceptance of breast lifts has outpaced the growth of augmentation 2-to-1. Why are so many women choosing this path to the profile they remember so fondly?

A breast lift often follows one or more of life’s rewarding events or achievements. Childbearing, successful weight loss, or simply growing older and achieving a more comfortable place in life are among the occasions that leave the breasts drooping. This isn’t a price we necessarily have to pay.

This realization is becoming so widespread that breast lifts have increased 70% since 2000 and now outpace breast augmentation two-to-one.

It’s All You

One reason breast lifts have outpaced even the rapid growth of breast augmentation is that breast lifts add nothing to the body. A woman’s own breast tissue is lifted, repositioned and in some cases evened and balanced. Often the nipple is repositioned to respond to the lifted profile.

In some cases, women choose to include some degree of augmentation to their breast lift to add shape to the upper part of the breast, and this can be accomplished without significantly increasing breast size if that is preferred.

What’s Involved

A surgical breast lift raises and reshapes tissue carefully, removing excess skin from the surface of the renewed breast contour. The areola can be reduced in size to resemble the proportion it presented in youth, as the nipple is repositioned.

Each procedure is as unique as the woman who chooses it, and that’s among the reasons to talk with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. The size, shape and degree of sagging that may have occurred over time are factors you and your doctor will consider. The exact breast lift technique that may be right for you will depend on the elasticity of your skin and the amount of extra skin that may have developed.

Non-Surgical Steps Are an Option, Too

Depending on a woman’s unique goals and situation, there are non-surgical ways to lift and tighten the breast. One such technique is based on applying high-definition laser energy.

The laser breast lift technique tightens the fibers of collagen in breast tissue. It offers the advantages of no anesthetic and almost no recovery time in many cases, although the results take shape more gradually and are less long lasting than the surgical procedures that have become so popular.

To evaluate the options that may be right for you calls for a talk with a plastic surgeon who is widely experienced in the full range of techniques available. We would be pleased to have that discussion with you. Just call us at 912-920-2090 or click here to schedule a complimentary and confidential consultation.