A Better Way to Body Contouring

It doesn’t sound very “medical” to say that something is just plain better. Certainly every person’s body, goals, and situation are unique. But when a method takes less time, costs less money, feels more comfortable, produces smoother results, is suitable for more people, and involves virtually no recovery time, then “better” is a hard word to avoid.

After careful evaluation, we decided to offer SculpSure at RenewalMD because the advantages for our patients were compelling.

How It Works

Instead of freezing fat, SculpSure sends targeted light energy into the layers under the skin to heat fat cells and break down their composition. The non-invasive process does not affect the skin surface. While the laser applicator is at work, people feel an initial sensation of cool that is applied throughout the procedure to add comfort while the fat cells below are being warmed intermittently. After a few minutes a feeling of warmth is felt deep down.

Then gently, over the next several weeks, the body’s own systems dispose of the treated fat cells. They are gone for good. Visible results show up at about six weeks, and they continue to improve for about 12 weeks.

The results are more natural looking too, because the boundaries of the treated area are smooth, with gradual transitions to the surrounding tissue.

Where It Works

SculpSure is particularly good for spots that have resisted diet and exercise. For many people, this points directly to the tummy, front, sides, and even the back. Because SculpSure brings the ability to target areas very specifically, spots such as the lower abdomen and “muffin tops” are often treated.

The thighs – upper and lower, inner and outer – are another popular target for SculpSure. One advantage of the treatment for contouring the buttocks, too, is that it can be focused on the parts you don’t want, like the crease atop the thigh, and away from the parts you do want, like the crest you may have worked out hard to develop.

Who is a Candidate?

Part of the good news about SculpSure is that most anyone who is in generally good health – and this includes most folks who have been engaged in a diet or exercise regimen – is likely to qualify.  As a non-invasive procedure that takes about 25 minutes for each treatment area, it can be accomplished without a hospital visit and without anesthetic

The first step is important, but it can be easy.  Talk to a board-certified plastic surgeon.  Look for someone who combines the medical knowledge and experience you need with the sensibility and art to make your own personal goals come to life.

Let’s have that talk. Just call us at 912-920-2090 or click here to schedule a confidential and complimentary SculpSure consultation.