The Magic of Ultrasound for Facial Rejuvenation

Using gentle ultrasound waves to warm the tissues under the skin, Ultherapy works with the body’s natural response to produce new collagen and tighten the surface of the eyebrows, cheeks, chin, neck, and upper chest. The smooth, massaging ultra-sound applicator sends impulses that bypass the surface of the skin, and so the underlying tissue can be warmed more efficiently and thoroughly.

Patients have embraced the non-invasive facial tune-up that comes from Ultherapy. Collagen regeneration is stimulated as a natural process, and the results are lasting and noticeable, yet familiar from younger days.

As Close to Magic as We Get

People often choose Ultherapy as a way of addressing issues before they become surgical, or for maintaining, even though Ultherapy does not replace facelifts. It’s hard to beat “tune-up” as a term for describing the scope of what can be accomplished with Ultherapy.

The contour below the chin can get a gentle lift and the neck can lose traces of sagging that may have set in as gravity and age took their effects. Lines and wrinkles are relieved both by tightening and by the collagen regeneration Ultherapy stimulates.

The eyebrows can grow heavy as we get older, and Ultherapy has proven to help lift them without surgery by tightening the tissue over the orbit of the eye and around it. A more youthful outlook can result, as well as a slightly wider view.

Recently, the FDA approved the use of Ultherapy on the décolletage, too, for its effectiveness in relieving lines and wrinkles that appear on the chest. So, this non-surgical option can in turn open up a few new options in a thoughtful woman’s wardrobe.

What the Experience is Like

The sensation of Ultherapy is described in different ways by different people, from tingling to warmth, as ultra-sound energy interacts with the layers of tissue under the skin. Some of the effects are apparent immediately, yet the full results of Ultherapy show up over the course of two to three months after application. For some people, a series of Ultherapy treatments is called for, to produce the results they are seeking and maintain those results for the optimal span of time.

Safe, as Well as Effective

The ultrasound technology on which Ultherapy is based has been in medical use safely for more than 50 years. More than a half million Ultherapy treatments have been conducted to date around the world.

Selecting the right provider is as important in Ultherapy as in any other cosmetic procedure, because the results you experience depend to a great extent on the skill and commitment of the plastic surgery practice offering it. An experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who has the perspective of the whole face, the whole person, and the whole array of available techniques can provide your best counsel.

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